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2014-Jan-5 - Dave Hadfield was a schoolboy convert

The Independent

Dave Hadfield was a schoolboy convert to rugby league, the game which, one way or another, has dominated his life ever since. After working for newspapers in Shropshire and Blackpool (where he covered the fortunes of Blackpool Borough) he travelled the world, working mainly in Hong Kong and Sydney. He became The Independent rugby league man in 1990 and has written five books on the game and broadcast extensively for Sky and the BBC. Dave played his last game at the age of 53 and would have set up a try if anyone could have been bothered supporting his break. When not writing about the sport, he now limits himself to a bit of tick and pass with his local club, the Bolton Mets. Family Marcus Allen Jersey Youth includes supporters of varying degrees of dedication of Salford, Wigan, Sheffield Eagles and St George Illawarra.

Billy Slater looks ready to take his place in Australia's side to try to win back Marcus Allen Womens Jersey the World Cup his mistake cost them five years ago. The Melbourne full back was player of the tournament in 2008. In the final, however, it was his error that created the winning try for the Kiwis' Benji Marshall. This time, he missed the semi final against Fiji after aggravating a knee injury in the last group game against the US and there were fears he might have to sit out his chance for revenge in this afternoon's final at Old Trafford.

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2014-Jan-5 - Stan Musial items fetch a fortune

A monthlong online auction of hundreds of Stan Musial items jerseys, World Series rings, harmonicas and more brought in a whopping $1.2 million.

The late Musial estimated career earnings from 22 big league seasons with the Cardinals: $980,050. football

Which will be higher at year end the Jags and Bucs win percentage, or the Congressional approval rating?

Richie Incognito best hope of ever playing in the NFL again is:

a) an arbitrator upholding his grievance

b) a team getting desperate Alex Smith Jersey Cheap enough to sign him

c) President Obama choosing him as this year turkey to pardon

Quick question for that Midwest couple who settled their NFL bet with a Taser: Who are you taking in this week Charger game?

Say this about the Miami Dolphins: If nothing else, they put a whole new spin on Incognito. The game will take place in Mile High Stadium. Woodlawn (Ark.) High School coach Zach Branch, to the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, after his team rushed for 723 yards and 11 touchdowns in last week game: lot of people call it caveman football. Times reader Bill Littlejohn, after the Jaguars and Buccaneers both blew their chances of going 0 16: 2008 Lions got together and unscrewed some bottles of Thunderbird. Brad Dickson of the Omaha (Neb.) World Herald, on the World Series of Poker concluding the November elections: I think Alex Smith Jersey Womens we all know which involved the most bluffing. situation

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2014-Jan-5 - Saints must show some road power

New Orleans (No. 7 in the AP Pro32) travels to Carolina (No. 5, AP Pro32) on Sunday in a matchup basically to decide the division crown. Oh yeah, there's almost certainly a first round playoff bye at stake given the weakness of the NFC East and North.

Saints coach recognizes the need for his team to wake up away from home. New Orleans (10 4) has lost at the Patriots, Jets, Seahawks and Rams this season. Most troubling, the Saints were handled quite easily in their last two road games.

"It's our job with an important game coming up to make corrections and then also to look closely at whom we are asking to do certain Authentic Donnie Avery Jersey things," Payton said, Donnie Avery Jersey Cheap perhaps threatening some lineup changes.

Hearing that concern on the Saints' side should be encouraging to fans of the Panthers (10 4), who had an eight game winning string snapped two weeks ago in New Orleans. They then whipped the Jets while the Saints were falling to the Rams.

Carolina is 6 1 at home, the only defeat in the season opener to Seattle merely the league's best squad right now.

"We'll be at home, which is huge," Panthers tackle said. "The dome is a tough place to play and they were coming off a tough loss, so shame on us if we didn't see that coming. But, we're feeling confident again.

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2014-Jan-5 - WMU football safety Justin Currie makes 'a big difference'

WMU football safety Justin Currie makes 'a big difference' in Broncos' 27

Fleck and told him to call his number.

has never said this to me before but he goes: call my plays. Just call my number. On defense, it kind of tough to call a number. You got to fit your gaps. It got me a little worried because I sitting there thinking start to not do your job you know what? We did. We dialed up a bunch of blitzes for him and he made a difference. big difference.

Currie was everywhere for Western Michigan defense, which gave its offense numerous opportunities to cheap nfl jerseys win in the 27 22 loss to Central Michigan on Saturday at home.

Currie led a defense that recovered two fumbles and grabbed three interceptions off of redshirt freshman quarterback Cooper Rush.

The Big Rapids native recorded one of those interceptions and jarred a fumble loose. This was in addition to his team high 10 tackles, which included a sack.

was everything to our defense today, Fleck said. mean everything. the Broncos scored a couple takeaways in last week loss to Eastern Michigan, Currie said his team really focused on them this week.

emphasized getting turnovers, Currie said. needed to win that turnover margin to give us a better percentage wholesale jerseys to win the game. We took it to heart. We came out kind of slow but started clicking there toward the end. it turns out, Currie was doing his damage while battling a fairly severe injury.

also got a split bone from the tip of the finger to the wrist split right down the middle, Fleck said, pointing to his own thumb. kid is out there playing. A lot of people need surgery, he wanted to wait. He tough.

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2014-Jan-5 - If you grew up in a EuropeanCanadian household

If you grew up in a EuropeanCanadian household, one of the first lessons you learned as a kid was to never, ever eat with your hands.

This gets hammered into your head as soon as you're old enough to hold a fork and knife. Doing otherwise was viewed as a sign of incivility, even though many, if not most, regions of the world do just fine without utensils of any sort.

As a kid, you may have sensed the innate weirdness of avoiding the use of the most dexterous part of your anatomy to ugg outlet online conduct such an important act. You may have even entered adulthood secretly waiting to revolt.

Hence the liberation many North Americans feel the first time they eat in an Ethiopian cheap ugg boots or Eritrean restaurant, where food typically arrives on a communal plate of injera, a spongy flatbread used as an edible serving utensil.

In East Africa, where human beings have been living and eating for a lot longer than just about anywhere else, fingers do just fine, thank you very much. Not only is injera useful as a means of conveying stews to your taste buds, it's extremely efficient at sopping up the remains of sauces.

Winnipeg restaurantgoers have been enjoying injera and other Ethiopian and Eritrean foodstuffs ugg boots uk cheap ever since the first wave of East African immigrants arrived on the Prairies in the 1980s. But even though dishes such as doro wat and beef tibs have become familiar taste sensations, the average Winnipegger would be hardpressed to identify them by name.

This is mainly due to the communal nature of East African food: Since it all arrives on one big platter and all tends to be very tasty, there's no urgency involved in figuring out what's what.

To that end, here's a NonAfrican's Guide to African Food in Winnipeg, weighted very heavily to the cuisine of Ethiopia and Eritrea. There are other African emigres here, but they have not had as great an effect on the average restaurantgoer.

Alicha (Ethiopia and Eritrea): The term alicha appears to be applied to a variety of meat or vegetable stews, but most commonly at least in Winnipeg a brightyellow dish of saut cabbage and potatoes, seasoned with turmeric.

Awaze (Ethiopia and Eritrea): A dipping sauce made from berbere (see below) and any number of liquids traditionally honey wine in Africa but more likely lemon juice and olive oil in North America.

Berbere (Ethiopia and Eritrea): The most common spice mixture in Ethiopian/Eritrean cuisine is a deep red powder of chile, garlic, ginger, fenugreek, pepper and dried herbs. Available at East African grocers.

Biltong (South Africa): Cured and dried beef, similar to jerky. Look for it at independent butchers.

Collards (Central and southern Africa): Leafy greens, related to cabbage but usually prepared like spinach. South. Available in many Winnipeg supermarkets; remove the fibrous stem before cooking.

Coffee (Everywhere): North America's most popular hot beverage was first cultivated in Ethiopia.

Couscous (North Africa): Small grains of durum semolina, usually prepared by steaming and then often flavoured with saffron, other spices and vegetables. Originally a staple of Morocco and Tunisia, now common everywhere.

Doro wat (Ethiopia and Eritrea): This chicken stew is the most common dish on an Ethiopian/Eritrean restaurant platter. See wat (below).

Fufu (West and Central Africa): A thick paste made from boiled and mashed plantains or root vegetables such as cassava and yams, commonly eaten as a snack. Forget about finding it in Winnipeg, where there are no West African restaurants.

Ful (North and East Africa): A Middle Easternstyle dish of cooked fava beans, mixed with olive oil and spices.

Injera (Ethiopia UGG Boots UK and Eritrea): A spongy, pancakelike flatbread usually made from lightly fermented teff grain (see below). It tastes vaguely reminiscent of sourdough and serves as a means of both serving and scooping up stews. In , dishes are typically presented on a big platter of injera, with the expectation diners eat communally off the dish.

Kitfo (Ethiopia and Eritrea): The East African version of steak tartare raw minced beef, seasoned with spices. May also be made from rarecooked beef. Leftovers may be fried with leftover injera and eaten like cornedbeef hash, another dish originally made from leftovers. The cubedbeef version is called gored gored.

Mitmita (Ethiopia and Eritrea): An orangered spice mixture used to season kitfo and ful (see above). Usually comprised of ground dried bird peppers, cloves and cardamom. Available at African grocers.

Nitter kibbeh (Ethiopia and Eritrea): Clarified butter, seasoned with spices and then simmered. Used in East African cuisine to impart a complex flavour to stews that also feature the same spices added raw toward the end of the cooking process.

Sambusa (East Africa): The African version of the South Asian samosa is a triangular pastry, filled with minced beef, chicken or vegetables. It's typically lighter than the IndoPakistani version.

Tajine (North Africa): A conical pot used to slowcook North African stews. The lid promotes the condensation of steam, which prevents the dish in question from drying out. Anything cooked in a tajine may be called a tajine.

Teff (East Africa): A glutenfree, highprotein and highfiber grain used to make injera (see above).

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